It is more important than ever that an ethical understanding is fostered in our schools. Thank-you for registering for
the Ethics Olympiad. This unique event offers your school a wonderful opportunity to help students develop, clarity
and deepen their understanding of this vital area of the curriculum. While this competition is new to the Southern
Hemisphere there are a growing number of Australasian schools developing skills and proficiencies in how to
participate in an Ethics Olympiad. We believe that prospective employers will look positively on students who have
participated in this sort of event as well as teachers that promote ethical understanding using this event with their

Students describe the Ethics Olympiad as fun, engaging and profound. Much of the growth occurs during
preparation – the hours engaged in rational discussion with their team-mates and coaches. Then the event itself,
with its emphasis on civility, clear reasoning, and cooperation, reinforces dispositions cultivated behind the scenes,
ultimately moulding the students’ character for the better.  It was a wonderful experience and we are keen to
participate in future Ethics Olympiads.

The following list of schools have registered for the Olympiad and can be contacted via the Olympiad office.

Bentley School        California
Bunbury Catholic College        Western Australia
Camberwell Grammar        Victoria
Canley Vale High School        New South Wales
Castle Hill High School        New South Wales
Diocesan School for Girls        New Zealand
Dwight-Englewood School        New Jersey
East Austin High School        Tennessee
Edmund Rice College        New South Wales
Georgiana Molloy Anglican School        Western Australia
Grace Lutheran College        Western Australia
Hale School        Western Australia
Holy Spirit College Bellambi        New South Wales
Holy Spirit College Mackay        Queensland
Iona Presentation College        Western Australia
John Terry Catholic High School        New South Wales
John XXIII College        Western Australia
Johnston Middle School        Texas
Methodist Ladies College        Victoria
Monte Vista Christian School        California
Narraeen Sports HS        New South Wales
Newman College        Western Australia
North Sydney Girls High School        New South Wales
Raleigh Charter High School        North Carolina
Rangi Ruru School        New Zealand
Scotch College        Victoria
Scotch College         Western Australia
St Joseph's College        Western Australia
St Leo's Catholic College        New South Wales
St Patrick College Mackay        Queensland
St Patricks College Sydney        New South Wales
St Patrick's College Townsville        Queensland
St Peters Lutheran College        Queensland
The John Cooper School        Texas
The Scots School, Albury        New South Wales
Trinity Lutheran College        Queensland
Wesley College        Western Australia
Wilderdess School        South Australia
Wilmington Friends School         Delaware
Xavier College        New South Wales

Congratulations to the Waterford School in Utah for winning the
National US High School Ethics Bowl. There team included: juniors
Sage Heuston and Olivia Robson, and seniors Caleb South and
Eliza Wells. They were recognized repeatedly by judges, observers,
and competition coordinators for their outstanding preparation,
knowledge, and performance. Congratulations as well to their gifted
coach, Dr. Luana Uluave, who started this program only three years
ago. More than 1,600 students from 232 schools participate in this
annual event. Organizers anticipate more than 2,200 participants
next year. Twenty-two regional champions from the U.S. and Canada
were invited to this national competition. The National High School
Ethics Bowl was hosted by The Parr Center for Ethics in North
Carolina. The Ethics Olympiad uses a selection of cases from this event each year.

Helpful tips to schools new to the Ethics Olympiad

1.Run a practice heat at your school. (Schools that have participated in an Ethics Bowl will be familiar with the
2. Contact the Ethics Olympiad office to compete against another school.
2. Organise a date with the other school accounting for the time difference. if there is an 11 hour time difference
then and evening in the US might mean that you would start the event at 9am Australian time- The World Clock has
a time converter site which is useful-
4.When you come to run an event with another school find a judge that will be objective and ideally prepared to
visit your school and sit in the room where the event will be held. (It is possible to have your judge act remotely
through Skype or Google +
5.Have a practice link up a week before the event to ensure the technology is good
6.Use microphones as it is important that judges can hear both teams clearly
7.Be strict with timing and provide a warning to students before their time is up.
8.Make sure you get the students to do a short reflection after the event.

*Please notify us of additional contacts or changes in contact details for your school.
2015 Ethics Olympiad
Congratulations to students from Raleigh Charter School from North
Carolina US (pictured) who won a Gold Medal and to St Patrick's
College in Townsville (Aust) which won a silver medal.  The following
brief report was provided by the coach at Raleigh. "We had a Skype
test call a few days before the match. On the day of the match, the
Australian team was at their school and because our school was
doing it in the afternoon, we all went to a teammate’s house. During
the call, we had some microphone issues and a helpful tip is for the
team that is not talking to mute their microphone to minimize the
background noise. There were a couple times during the call when
the video and sound went down because of wifi issues, but other
than that, it all went smoothly".
Raleigh Charter School Ethics Olympiad
team 2015 Gold Medal Winners
The winning team from the 2015 US Ethics
Bowl from Waterford
Useful Links;

Ethics Olympiad Website-  Ethics Olympiad

Ethics Olympiad (How to prepare)

Click here for a resource book written by Dr
Matthew Deaton for the US Ethics Bowl which
provides a very good user friendly outline of
theoretical and applied ethics written for

National High School Ethics Bowl Website

Ethics Bowl Informational video- (Please note
that the Ethics Bowl uses the same format as
the Ethics Olympiad.)

High School Ethics Bowl Informational Video

Edmund Rice College (New South Wales - Aus) vs Hale
school Perth WA