As a result of the Covid-19 virus and in the interests of Ethletes and Coaches
we have decided to cancel the 2020 Senior Secondary Ethics Olympiad.  We
are therefore offering registered schools a voucher for the Middle School
Ethics Olympiad in November 2020
or the Senior School Ethics Olympiad in
May 2021. This will provide your school with free entry into those events for
however many teams you have registered this year.

Furthermore, we will be providing registered schools with free online training for coaches during May. As
this will be in lieu of fees paid for entry into the 2020 Senior School Ethics Olympiad the following will apply.
Where a single team has been registered, one teacher from your school can attend the PD without charge.
Where two teams have been registered two teachers are permitted to attend without charge. This PD is of
optional but coaches will find it useful as they gather and prepare a team. You might pick and
choose the sessions you would like to attend or attend all four.
Please note that this PD can be done
from home or school.
We will be providing participants with a suite of resources which will be useful in
future preparation and planning. Please see the details about the online PD below.

Cost:  All sessions are free of charge for schools transferring their registration from the 2020 SHS Ethics
Olympiad to another Ethics Olympiad. Otherwise;
$75 per person, per session- Non Members,
$70 per person per session- Members
$180 for all four sessions


Finally, we would also like to offer schools the option of participating online using the current case set.
Schools that are not members of the Ethics Olympiad have the option to
join. Member schools can
participate online with other schools throughout Australasia. Member schools should contact the Ethics
Olympiad office if they would like to link up with another school interstate or overseas. Contact;

Online PD
This will involve four after school sessions, three each week which will allow for the time difference between
Perth and Auckland. All sessions will be at
4pm (except SA where the session will be 3.30pm)

  • How to provide your students with an understanding of various ethical frameworks to
    assist them at an Ethics Olympiad.  (1 hour) Wednesday 6th May 4pm Please note we will
    be running this at 4pm NZST, 4pm EST and 4pm AWST.  (SA -ACST will commence at 3.30pm)
    One thing that has been noticeable in conducting Ethics Olympiads throughout Australasia over the
    past few years is the need for better preparation of students to help them recognise arguments that
    might be entertained by those who draw different and reasonable conclusions to their own. We will in
    this unit explore various consequentialist and de-ontological arguments. We will also provide
    teachers/coaches with resources to teach theoretical and applied ethics.

  • How to participate in an online Ethics Olympiad. (1 hour) Thursday 14th May 4pm Please
    note we will be running this at 4pm NZST, 4pm EST and 4pm AWST.  (SA will commence at
    3.30pm) Schools that are members of the Ethics Olympiad are provided with all the resources they
    need to run an Ethics Olympiad online. These events are different from the face to face Olympiads
    previously run in each capital city. Schools can participate in Olympiads with other schools
    throughout the world and down the street. Extensive resourcing and support will be provided to

  • How to judge a heat fairly (1 hour)  Wednesday 20th May 4pm Please note we will be
    running this at 4pm NZST, 4pm EST and 4pm AWST.  (SA will commence at 3.30pm)One of the
    features of the Ethics Olympiads is the requirement that each participating school provides a judge
    for the heats. Without this provision, the event simply would not work. It is important that a
    teacher/judge prepare themselves for the role so as to be fair to the students on the day. The
    marking keys and criteria are all very clear but there is some value in explaining to teachers what to
    expect and helping them identify stengths and weaknesses and how these might be graded.
    Participants will also get access to resources online.

  • Procedures and tips for students and coaches participating in the Ethics Olympiad. (1 hour)
    Thursday 28th May 4pm Please note we will be running this at 4pm NZST, 4pm EST and 4pm
    AWST.  (SA will commence at 3.30pm) Coaches that have not previously participated in an Ethics
    Olympiad will be unsure about how best to prepare students for the experience. This session will
    offer some mechanisms and resources for preparing students. It will also offer teachers ways to
    promote the Ethics Olympiad in a school community. How can I put a successful team together in the
    first place? How can I best prepare my students to participate in an Ethics Olympiad? This will be
    particularly useful for teachers preparing students for their first Ethics Olympiad. We will again
    provide teachers with resources to use with students in the preparation phase.

* Please note that coaches will receive a Zoom invitation to participate in each online PD automatically
where they transfer their schools registration. Invitations will also be sent to people that register online.

If you have previously registered and are yet to notify us of your preference please contact us at